Top Affordable Fuel Efficient Cars Of 2013

With the rising prices of essential commodities, problems with distributor countries, and the imbalance between supply and demand, it becomes an inevitable experience for motorists to start considering the use of fuel efficient cars over popular, super-powered counterparts. If the automobile industry has anything to say about it, it is clearly that people should begin opening their minds to green options. The last five years have given way to the creation of hybrids, electric cars and smart cars for the new generation of responsible consumers. If you want to become part of the trend and help alleviate global warming, as well as lessen your normal gas expenditures, here are some of the most fuel efficient SUVs and cars of 2013 you can consider buying.

First on the list is the Hyundai Accent. This retails at $9,985 and entails a total cost of $11,464 on its first year of use, with the budget for gas already factored in. It has a fuel economy rating of 30 miles per gallon, and is considered the most affordable and low-maintenance car on the market as of today. It may not be as elegant as a Ferrari 360 Modena, but it certainly saves you a bundle on gas payments, since the latter can only run 11 miles per gallon.

Next up is the Kia Rio. At $12,295 per unit, this fuel efficient car offers more savings than the Accent running on 31 miles per gallon. The annual fuel costs for this machine reaches around $1,434. Even though it is less attractive, it is fully functional and will take you wherever you want to go.

Next, the Scion iQ. This is a smart car at only ten feet long, offering not only fuel efficiency, but also top-of-the-line safety features including 11 airbags. It gets 37 miles per gallon, with a 1.3 liter engine and has 94 horsepower, which is not at all bad for a car its size and a price of $15,995.

Fourth on the list, is the Toyota Prius. This is probably the most popular of all the fuel efficient cars released within 2011 and 2012, with a sticker price of $24,760 and a fuel economy of 51 miles per gallon. The best hybrid car so far, this midsize vehicle can accommodate a family of 5 and run with 134 net horsepower using a 1.8 liter engine.

Lastly, there is the Nissan Leaf SV. One of the latest fuel efficient SUVs released, this vehicle is actually the first mass-marketed electric one of its kind in the world. It has a fuel economy of 106 mpg that cuts about $700 off of the usual power expenses incurred for this type of machine. Like all 2012 models, it has high-tech navigation and connectivity specs. Although it is quite expensive with a $36,050 price tag, it does receive $7,500 federal tax credit.

Some of the high-end green cars that did not make this list are the Audi A6 2.0T Premium and the Infiniti M35h. Although they are competitively stylish, their price ranges of $40,000 to $60,000 do not justify their use. For one, they have less fuel economy ratings than a $10,000 car at 33 and 32 mpg, respectively. If you want to secure fuel efficiency and the best value for your money, you do not need to sacrifice a lot for an attractive mold.

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