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Maslow's theory suggests that the most basic level of needs must be met before the individual can address higher level needs. Our ability to give attention to creative outlets such as this blog (Self-Actualization) was trumped by the task of addressing logistics of a move to a new home (Safety).

In a nutshell, that is the hurdle to many budget dilemmas - energy to control, especially if your foundation is shifting. When life gets hectic, it is more difficult to tend to the detail of budget on a daily basis (Bob’s preference) vs. blast a flash plan when new needs present and attempt an ‘auto play’ strategy, hoping it is executing well until you can tend to it again(Kristy’s preference).

When your foundation shifts (a move, your health, a new job, a relationship change), there can be so many unknowns that your historic estimates are thrown to the wind and you are overcome with a great sense of uneasiness over the lack of control. Decisions sometimes have to come fast. You may have little control on the options and hope that the contingency fund (and if need be, the emergency fund) covers the unknowns.

It is interesting that no matter your age, your job, your salary; you will find yourself in situations where you are overwhelmed by changes coming fast, where you grasp for control and you will not feel content until the basic security of control is restored.

We look forward to completing the move and gaining back ‘control’.

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