5 Tips On Car Repair Process with Your Insurance

Going through the repair process with your insurance company can be perplexing if you are not fully aware of your rights. Below you will find some helpful tips when dealing with your insurance agent or company.

1) You have the right to choose the shop to repair your vehicle. You can select the shop, leave your vehicle there, and notify your insurance company. Regardless if you are leasing, financing or own your vehicle, you still have the right to select the auto shop of your choice.

2) You only need one estimate. Regardless of what you may have heard, there is no need for you to acquire three estimates.  You are also not obligated to bring your vehicle to the insurance company. If they want to see the damage, they can come to you. If they do express their need to see your car, they have six days to do so, otherwise they forfeit their rights to see the damage.

3) If your insurance offers you a check, take it! Under the law, you are not required to sign any releases. When you deposit the check, make sure you write on top of it: "Open for additional damage, all rights reserved."

4) You are entitled to 2 tow services per accident. The first tow safely secures the vehicle from further loss, and the second one takes your vehicle to your chosen repair shop. Do not drive your vehicle if it is unsafe to drive. You are susceptible to getting pulled over and receiving a ticket for driving an unsafe vehicle.

5) You do not have to use imitation parts, even if your insurance tells you to. Make sure only Original Equipment Manufacturers' parts are used in the repair of your vehicle. Accepting non-original or counterfeit parts to repair your vehicle can result in additional repair costs in the future.

It is important for you to be educated with your insurance claims and make sure that you get the best maintenance services for your damaged vehicle. For more information on the repair process, please contact Yark Body Shop in Toledo, Ohio. We are happy to answer your questions and are qualified to repair your vehicle back to its original factory specifications.

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