10 Fun Uses For Gps Devices

The GPS, or Global Positioning System, was originally developed by the military to pinpoint targets anywhere in the world. It has been used for a host of civilian applications for some years now.

Today, GPS devices are now portable - they can not only be fitted in your car, but also come as hand-held devices the size of a cell phone! If you have a GPS device, or are planning to get one, here are a just a few things you can do with it:

1. Find a place or location- Whether you need an ATM to get some cash, are looking for a restaurant or in desperate need of a bathroom in an unknown locality, your GPS can help you find it.

2. Locate your parked vehicle- if you forget the spot where you parked your car, a GPS device can easily locate it for you.

3. Set notifications for your travel route- No more missing an exit on a freeway, and then taking a 3-mile detour! Your GPS navigator can guide you along the way so that you don't miss any turns or highway exits.

4. Record your exact travel path- If you are going to a secluded place that doesn't have an clearly defined road, you can record the way you went and then play it back to some one else, or you can use to go to the same place next year!

5. Use it as a speedometer- A GPS device can track your speed. If you are ever stopped for speeding, use it to prove to the cops how fast you were going.

6. Use it to give your exact coordinates if your car breaks down
- If you are stranded on a highway, you can use the GPS to give the towing company your exact location, so they can reach you faster.

7. Locate your camp
- When camping, you can locate your camp without getting lost if you happen to go for a hike or a nearby town.

8. Search and rescue- You can mark the spot if someone happens to fall off the boat or has a similar water emergency. GPS has been used with tremendous success in search and rescue operations.

9. Track your vehicle's fleet-
If you have a transportation business, you can clearly determine where your vehicles are, and whether they are diverting from their pre-determined routes.

10. Track your stolen vehicle
- You can not only track your vehicle if it is stolen, with certain systems, you can even slow it down, stop the vehicle, lock the steering the engine, as well as the doors of your vehicle!

A GPS can be very useful in lots of situations, as well as great fun. Many websites offer fun tips and equipment or all your navigation needs, including GPS systems and more.

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