Prenuptials for All?

‘Kobe Bryant's Wife to Get All Three Houses, Worth $18.8 Million’, ‘Mel Gibson Loses Half of His $850 Million Fortune to Ex-Wife in Divorce’. As these headlines spam the news, it gives us pause to consider, should prenuptial agreements be made a requirement prior to granting a marriage license? No one goes into a marriage thinking this has a 50-50 shot. Hurt is the last thing you want bring onto this special someone—but unfortunately, 50% of the marriages end is divorce – so many suffer significant financial distress in dissolution. It is especially difficult to stay civil during this time which is unfortunate to each other as well as impacted children, family members and friends.

Sweetheart day is just around the corner. Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Just as every business partnership goes into a contract agreement with a dissolution (sell out, buy-out) clause, should every marriage engage in a prenuptial agreement? Do you state up front in an agreement the steps you will take to keep your partnership strong; but if all else fails, maybe the greatest gift you can give the one you love is a commitment to an elegant, fiscally responsible exit so you can remain friends (at least civil) after dissolution of the marriage. So much emotional and fiscal hardship takes place during a divorce. How much of that pain would be spared if in the bliss of every-lasting love, both parties contractually agreed to a fair dissolution option?

Your partner is your friend. Making a pledge to keep your partnership fiscally fit through thick and thin, could be considered a loving, caring Valentines gift --along with a small token in a Tiffany blue gift box. Something to consider.

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