Saving $$$ on Gas

Summer is officially here and you feel the itch to hit the road and explore. What a relief to see gas prices take a dip at the height of summer vacation time! Other effective ways to save at the pump:
  • Check online sites like, or for the most competitive prices.
  • Watch your tire pressure. Underinflated tires of just 3 PSI (pounds per square inch) can degrade your miles per gallon by 1%.
  • Keep your car engine will maintained. A properly maintained vehicle will run more efficiently and give you better mileage, which saves you money in gas.
  • Get rid of unnecessary weight in your car. The heavier the vehicle, the more energy it takes to move it on the road.
  • Park in the shade. Gasoline evaporates out of your tank and it does so faster when parked directly in the sun - winter or summer.
  • Drive conservatively and at a steady speed. The greater your speed, the less miles per gallon you will average. Better yet, bike it. :)  

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