As the New Year begins, it is time to reevaluate budgets, investments and giving. On Saturday, January 2nd we were driving and listening to one of our favorite money broadcast: Marketplace Money. They had an article about the Fifty Percent League that made us rethink our giving. As Marketplace Money states: “The Fifty Percent League is made up of people who believe it’s their moral obligation to give away as much of their money as they can.”

We believe in the 80-10-10 rule where you live on 80% of your income, save 10% of your income and give away 10% of your income. This Saturday was the first time we heard about the Fifty Percent League and it made us question if we were giving enough to the causes we believe in.

The article interviews Pilar Gonzales, who only makes about $35,000 but gives away at least twenty-five percent of her income. Even though she does not make a lot of money, she has placed her priorities in helping others and is living out her values.

No matter how much or little you make, you can make a huge difference in other people’s lives by giving of your time, talents and financial resources. As you make your New Years Resolutions, are you living out your values with your time, talents and money? We invite you to listen to their story.

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