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A Little Credit

That really is all that is available in the debt markets today and the consequences are obvious. At the same time, we'd like to claim a little credit for calling the direction and - to some extent the magnitude of this crisis. We felt that these (then pending) consequences were obvious 18-24 months ago. In fact, one of the first posts on this blog in August 2007 noted:

Today's actions by the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve confirm that the real threat is DEFLATION - not inflation. Central Banks don't pump $150 billion dollars into the banking system because they are afraid of creating too much money.Again this June:

That is where we are now. The Fed has failed. The Great Oz has been exposed a just a man behind the curtain. Prepare for severe credit deflation and falling asset prices in markets that traditionally use leverage to purchase or hold positions.For years massive credit inflation raged unchecked and asset prices soared as the pool of buying power incre…

Hahha Speaking of Lamborghinis...


A Really Badass Story

Today is a day that shall live in the annuals of HISTORY! No, a harbor was not bombed by those sneaky Japanese, or something stupid like that. My Mercedes C280 (chassis code w202) defied physics.

My car was not started in over two months, and upon last being driven, the car was deemed to need two things, gas and brakes. My Merc is a legend, for it is in the Parthenon of Badass for going ridiculously fast in an epic race. So here is the deal, my tank was basically empty. Nothing. Zilch. It had as much gas as Paris Hilton has talent. (At non sexual favors that is...if it was her talents in that arena, the car could of equaled Saudi Arabia)
MMM Carls Jr. ... MMM as much talent as the Merc had gas. Not the first time she had that much meat in her mouth... BOO YAH! (Ok I'm done...)

It started right up, and drove quite nicely for a car with 107,000 miles on it... I have no idea how it drove. It made it to the gas station just fine and dandy. So thats pretty badass. Here is …

The Lamborghini Diablo

This car is badass:
Eat your heart out Baskin Robins...
It comes in a variety of flavors from its eleven year (eleven years! shit!) production run, and is just badass overall. The Murciélago in our hearts was never a worthy successor of this beast, but Lambo's Reventón may just fit the bill. Just a thought.
This ass puts this lower one to shame (and is probably a whole lot cleaner too):

She is known for having a big ass and a Sex Tape! The Lamborghini Diablo is known for being really, really badass!

When you turn your car on, does it return the favor? Hell No Bitch!

Apparently my Mercedes C280 is supposed to give me a boner when I turn it on. Apparently we are under some unwritten contract that when I ignite its engine, it is supposed to ignite my loins.


Lets get one thing out of the way. This girl, Kate Walsh, is hot. I do not watch Grey's Anatomy, or have any desire to see McSteamy, McDreamy, McPedophile, or Mc Hammer, but she is quite the babe.

See?She can check out my anatomy any day! Boo Yah!

But- hot Kate Walsh aside, I just don't think its hot for me to be getting turned on in my car, by my car. Her, yes. Me, no. My hairy ass should not get aroused steering 2000lbs of sheet metal, leather and burled wood around my dinky suburban landscape. If it did get all hot and bothered by the simple act of starting my car, then I think i'd be suffering from nymphomania, and probably get into a couple of accidents. Enough of my Seinfeld-esque ranting, long story short- Cadillac, if I buy your CTS, actresses from girly hit primetime tv show…

This is Awesome

This deserves to be shared- an advertising war:

The Bentley Ad is fake, but funny nonetheless.

Now the question is- who won? BMW struck first, but Audi kind of grabbed BMW by the balls. Suburu's counter was out of left field, but witty nonetheless.


The commercial paper market certainly appears to be critically wounded. The seasonally-adjusted amount of CP has fallen dramatically since mid-September. Per the Federal Reserve the declines over the last three weeks:

September 17: -$52.1 billion
September 24: - $61.0 billion
October 1: -$94.9 billion

Headlines emphasizing funding cutoffs to companies in the real economy, like Caterpillar and A&T are highly misleading. Non-financial CP took a single hit of $18 billion ($217 billion to $199 billion) two weeks ago and has hardly budged since. The REAL story is the collapse of CP issued by banks and other financial companies. Domestic financial paper is down by $93 billion ($590 billion to $497 billion); foreign financial paper fell $40 billion ($225 billion to $185 billion, down 20%!); asset-backed paper is off $55 billion ($780 billion to $725 billion).

We have seen record withdrawals from money market recently, which has led to falling demand for commercial paper - which is usually pur…