The new NSX? I think not!

This is a good looking car. However, it has shit on this. Call us old fashioned.

The NSX has been dead for almost four years, and with its absence, it has left a mid-engined void in the near supercar realm. The Audi R8 fits the slot, but it is not the same dammit. Recently though, talk is arising about a mysterious Acura that has been circling the Nurburgring:

There are some quite notable differences between this new monster and the classic NSX. The NSX was Honda/Acura's mid-engined masterpiece, while this next car has a front engine set up. The NSX had a V6 engine that towards the end of its run produced 292 hp and 224 lb/ft of torque. This new model has a substainally more powerful 550hp 5.5L V10.
What the fuck?! Jesus Christ! Those crazy Japanese!
I googled "Crazy Japanese" and got this returned to me. Good thing I had safe search on... god knows what would of turned up.

Also, in a quite ballsy move, they are shooting very upmarket. A 2005 NSX sold roughly for $80,000, while this new car is guesstimated to sell for over $150,000.
Go for the gusto Honda!

All in all, the NSX replacement isn't exactly an NSX, but it is still way too early to tell. Maybe they are doing a tourer in conjunction with a mid-engine supercar. Who knows. In three years reread this article and laugh at how dated it will be!

We here at the Autoblog will watch this situation quite closely... close like that creepy uncle at family parties.

"Yea...look at that ass! Now go get your Uncle Robby another brew, and don't be fancy about it!"

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