The Nissan GT-R

Look at that ass! Yes! The GT-R is awesome.

This one isn't half bad either...

The Nissan GT-R is causing quite the stir in the auto world. It weighs about 3800 lbs, but the AWD makes it drive like a Miata- erm sorry MX-5. How in the hell did Nissan defy physics?? Technology and so fourth thats how- but the Autoblog will not bore you with the details. This car is so cool it had the makers of friggin' Gran Turismo program all the digital info displays. This car knows it will be in video games. Thats how you know it is badass. That is all you need to walk away from this post: this car is badass. The beast isn't too pricey either for what you get ($70,000- but they are selling upwards of at least 15k of the list, but a Porsche is way more expensive.) The 3.8 L twin turbo V6 is ferocious, churning out 480 hp at 6400 rpm. While the engine doesn't rev as high as the piercing M3 's, the twin turbos will thrust your ass into the seat, and leave shitty volvos in the dust. I feel bad for it's opponents in Super GT.
Well- Nissan GT-R, the Autoblog salutes you!

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