FWD+Paddle Shifters=Sports Sedan?

Nissan has balls. Normally the Autoblog (the greatest thing to hit the autoworld since the Mustang II!!!) does not like to cover brands in back to back entries, but damn Nissan, we need to give you boyahakasha respek! right here. With the Americans going back to RWD platforms, looks like Nissan is one of the few FWD sport sedan Defenders of the Faith. The Maxima is a very pretty car, especially with that aggressive front fascia.
Car and Driver recently however did not really understand the Maxima's purpose- how can a sports car be FWD with out a true manual tranny? It was pretty daring for Nissan togo for a FWD sports sedan, and it was badass to give this car paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. Yes. Paddle Shifters. Fucking awesome.
I don't care how the Maxima is "confused with it's identity" and blah blah blah. It is an FWD car, with paddle shifters. Hell- some RWD platforms in it's price segment don't have paddle shifters, and the press is giving this car shit for not being a true sports sedan? I don't expect this thing to win 24 hours of Sebring anytime soon, but cut it some slack. The car is a businessman who dabbles in football on the weekend. Let the guy be both conservative and sporty at the same time.
Peoplez should respek da Maximas more!

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