A Choreographed, Musical Showdown! (Minus the dancing or music)

Have you all seen the recent comparisons between the Infiniti G and the BMW 3? It is quite the heated battle. The Jets and Sharks got nothin' on this shit (and the G v. 3 Battle has alot less dancing. Easy Action! Cool as Ice!)

The BMW is getting ready to merk the G

The Infiniti is a quality contender for the 3's crown. It is quite the looker, with its strong muscular stance, and it is powered by that famous athletic Nissan 3.5 (or 3.7L) V6. It is a strong entry from the Japanese, and its build quality is exceptional. However, it lacks that German handling, and firm suspension, and it still has to earn its laurels in the auto world. All of this combined make it a losing battle against the titan that is the 3-series.
The BMW on the other hand has it's way with quality contenders like the G, and doesn't even have the decency to call them the next day to say thank you, or plan a second date. The 3 has been in Car and Driver's 10Best 17 times since 1983. Let me retype that. The BMW 3 series has been in Car and Driver's 10best 17 times. Why? well- its a BMW 3 of course, and that almost speaks for itself. When BMW picked their slogan, the badass claim to being "The Ultimate Driving Machine", it turns out that they weren't just talking shit. During the BMW 3's run in those 17 10best appearance, the 3 was kicking everybody's ass in motorsport and sales. The E36 was one of the most dominant sports cars ever.
So, while it is nice to toy with the idea that there is actually a contender to the 3's crown, in reality the Japanese are close, but still not ready top the 3. It just has too much excellence in its pedigree to be dethroned as of yet. If BMW gets cocky in the next model years however, the Infiniti will be more than ready by then to catch up.

The Cal Ripkin Jr. of Car and Driver's 10Best

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